Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NM's Spectacular Butterflies

New Mexico is a virtual butterfly paradise, with more than 300 species scattered throughout its varied landscapes. Steven J. Cary will talk and sign copies of Butterfly Landscapes of New Mexico at 6 PM, Friday, November 20 at Collected Works Bookstore.
His book, published by New Mexico Magazine, breaks new ground by linking butterflies to the landscapes, habitats and climates in which they live. For each part of the state, Cary’s vivid photographs and engaging text portray these winged marvels first within a region and then in progressively smaller components of landscape---a particular mountain range, valley, hilltop, plant community or habitat. The appealing and engrossing book deepens readers’ appreciation of butterflies not only as beautiful animals but also as vital cogs in local ecosystems and expressions of New Mexico’s diverse landscapes.
Steve Cary is chief naturalist and natural resource planner for New Mexico State Parks. He has chased, observed, studied and photographed New Mexico’s butterflies for almost three decades and frequently gives butterfly walks and lectures.


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