Monday, November 23, 2009

Santa Fe Science Writing Workshop Turns 15 Years Old this Year

The Santa Fe Science Writing Workshop is accepting applications for its 15th annual session, which will be held May 24-29, 2010 at the Ghost Ranch Santa Fe. This year the workshop will be directed by Sandra Blakeslee, writer and the author, with Matthew Blakeslee, of The Body Has a Mind of its Own and George Johnson, a New York Times science writer, whose books include The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments, Miss Leavitt's Stars, and Fire in the Mind.
According to the workshop’s website, the two organize the workshop during spare moments from home offices on opposite sides of Santa Fe.
Also coming will be Daniel Engber, science writer and editor for Slate; Jamie Shreeve, a senior editor for National Geographic Magazine and the author of The Genome War and The Neanderthal Enigma; and Cornelia Dean, senior writer for the New York Times specializing in environmental issues and science policy and the paper's former science editor.
Previous workshops have attracted students from all over the country as well as Japan, Australia, Canada, France, Britain, Switzerland, and Kenya. “Some were science writers who wanted to hone their skills and meet more of their colleagues or work on a book proposal,” according to workshop organizers. “Some were writers from other fields hoping to make the switch to science writing. Some were public information specialists from universities and government laboratories. And some were scientists who wondered if they might like writing more than research.”


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